New You in 22!

Are you like me, been on numerous diets without long lasting results? Maybe you just want to lose those last 10 pounds, but can't. Guess what? Diets don't work! Recently, I had an "Aha!" moment when I realized these "one size fits all" diets don't work! They have a starting and ending date which leads to that diet rollercoaster. Learning what and when to eat, as well as getting in control of the emotional needs that food may provide were key to my success of losing 55 lbs.

I created this group to help you get off that diet roller coaster and let go of the limiting beliefs and lifestyle habits that may be sabatoging your success. I have found the key to taking the weight off and KEEPING it off! 

PM or email me to register today!

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Women's Health Reset

I created this 6 week workshop to help women reset their health, minimize symptoms, prevent disease, viruses and  cancers. Most women have trouble losing weight (especially the stubborn muffin top), have diminished energy, mood swings, sleep and stress issues due to their hormones being out of whack. You may not realize that the digestive system needs to be working efficiently to be able to absorb the nutrients that your 100 hormones need to to function properly. This program will teach you the tools that you need to help you balance your hormones, reset your gut, lose weight and support the rest of your body, getting everything working optimally, the way it was created to be. This program can be done individually or with a group of friends. Message me if you are interested in carving out time to reset your body and obtaining Abundant Wellness!

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